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Market your Designs!

Get Your Work Out There!


Now that you've got your designs in order, it's time to spread them all over the internet.



There are plenty of ways to market your designs to interested people who may be potential buyers for your designs. The people who like your stuff.


If you've created some designs related to Cricket, find related pages in social media and ask them if they'd be interested in featuring what you've created. Create a page on Facebook about an interest you've created designs for or a Pinterest board that does the same. Invite other interested people to post to them.


Instagram - Dressify began with Instagram. Post your design picture on Instagram for your followers to see, comment and purchase. You can create a design account in your seller's name on Instagram and post your design pictures there. We have a button installed on all our product pages that lets people post the designs to Instagram.


Facebook - Facebook is immensely popular, and can be incredibly useful for you to promote your designs. Share your designs on your timeline for your friends and followers to see. If you have a Facebook page or are a member of Facebook group, you can post your creation on your page or relevant groups to promote. We have a button installed on all our product pages that lets people post the designs to Facebook.


Pinterest - Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share and discover new interests by posting (known as pinning on Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others' boards (i.e. a collection of pins, usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned. On Pinterest, you can create interest boards and fill them with content related to your products. And there are boards about almost anything. We have a button installed on all our product pages that lets people post our products to Pinterest.


Your own Blog - If you already have a blog with a dedicated set of readers, why not go ahead and promote your designs to the already loyal following.


Word of Mouth - Got a lot of friends? Or a huge college circle. Why not tell them about your designs, and promote your creations using the old school traditional marketing techniques.


These are only some of the methods of showing off your work. Don't forget to post on Twitter, Reditt, signatures on your email, forums. The more exposure, the better. And if your work is super awesome, you might even become famous.

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