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Credit Card Security

Dressify has a zero-tolerance policy towards fraudulent activities. We are credit card holders too, and we will do our utmost to protect fellow credit card holders. Read on to understand how we combat fraudulent transactions and scams, and how you can help us.


We do not store your credit-card or netbanking information. Period.


Before you make a payment at Dressify.in, you are always redirected to a "secure" third-party payment gateway provider which processes your financial information with the banks. These payment gateway providers process millions of e-commerce transactions per month, and are equipped with state of the art digital security. We do not store any of the financial information you enter on our website. Period.


Other Safety measures.


Dressify will never ask you for your credit card, netbanking or any other financial information through e-mail, phone call or any other means of communication. If you ever do recieve any such communication, please report to care[at]dressify.in with all details of sender or caller.


Why does Dressify Care?


Umm, because we're nice people :D. Fraudulent activities have an effect on our reputation. Being associated with fraudulent activities is generally bad, and we want to avoid that. Also, the amount of refunds we have to generate negatively impacts our reputation with Payment Gateway providers.


But seriously, we are nice people!