Over the course of years since Dressify was founded, we have received frequent requests from our customers and visitors alike, asking for Plus Size clothing. The Plus Size clothing is a term used for sizes larger than XXL. Listening to our customers, we are glad to introduce Plus Sizes on our Half Sleeves t-shirts.


The following options will be additionally available on products where applicable:


  • 3XL or XXXL Half-Sleeve Tshirts
  • 4XL or XXXXL Half Sleeve Tshirts


The XXXL and XXXXL tshirts are available only in Men’s Fit, hence while purchasing we request you to refer Men’s Half Sleeves Tshirt Size charts. For couple t-shirts it may be a little confusing ordering the new sizes for females. Simply place an order by selecting "any" size for females. Afterwards, please send us a message/email with your order number and mention the new size. Please send the changes within 4 hours, so we are able to process the order accordingly.

We understand that both 3XL and 4XL tshirts may not cover the complete Plus-Size spectrum like 5XL and 6XL sized apparel, the 3XL and 4XL sizes topped the list of Plus-Sizes our customers requested. Additionally, as we have stated earlier these sizes are just a first step and additional sizes may be introduced in the future depending on the response we receive.


The Plus Size t-shirts are manufactured out of the same premium quality cotton fabric, which is used for the regular fit half sleeve and full sleeve t-shirts. This means that the look and feel would remain premium at an economical price for both 3XL and 4XL tshirts, while offering the ultimate comfort to the wearer.


We hope our customers will agree, that understandably, the plus sized apparel will be priced marginally higher than a regular sized apparel. However, sticking to our value of providing value for money, both the XXXL and XXXXL sized tshirts will cost an additional Rs.100 and Rs.125 respectively – still economical or cheaper than what Plus Sizes cost elsewhere, specially when quality is taken into consideration.


To Order or Buy the Plus-Sizes t-shirts, navigate to product page for any tshirt you wish to buy, choose from the Sizes(XXXL or XXXXL for Plus-sizes), Color (if applicable) and then Proceed to Checkout. You’d have a nice new t-shirt in your hands within the week!