The saying goes something like "Good things come in pairs". We decided to take it a step further and decided that it was about time that good things started to come in threes(3s, not like misspelled trees). Ahem.


So, we are are launching the value packs, which consist of 3 t-shirts for Men and Women. Yes, 3 tshirts, in a single pack, can you imagine that in today's world. You can choose from our range of Half-Sleeve tshirts for either sex or Unisex Full Sleeve tshirts.


Also, with this update we are now also offering the long awaited, heavily demanded, under rated but super value(drum roll) polo tshirts. The Polo tshirts are super quality(to blow our own trumpet), all in Matte finish Cotton fabric. It was only after introducing this product did we realise, that, one could spend an entire day(and night) in this t-shirt. You could go to college or to work in one of these, come back and hang out with your friends, family or your dog(or just watch TV alone in your couch) while wearing the same tshirt. Then have a dinner with your girlfriend or boyfriend(or by yourself, in the same couch from earlier) in the same tshirt. You could fall asleep while wearing these too; in the same couch from before, still alone, even if you had a dinner with your bae or a friend. You get the picture, the so very comfortable shirt stays with you, through all the ups and downs. Just don't wear the same shirt to college or work the next day. That's why the good things come in 3s. Open up the pack and put on a new one!


The pack of Polo tshirts are available at Rs.1350 after discount, at an MRP of Rs.1950. You will truly appreciate the quality at the price. Other products packs are available at upto 40% discount. In the coming few weeks Kids tshirts(for both Boys and Girls) for all ages will also be available as a "Pack of 3 shirts" along with Racerback tank tops for Women.


Shoppers can avail an additional discount of upto 50% on these value for money packs through applicable Coupons or Deals. Don't forget about Free Shipping above Rs.1000, and an additional discount of Rs.50 on all orders on payments through PayTM, Netbanking, Debit or Credit Cards.


Happy Summers and Happy Shopping!