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Beauty Full Sleeves Tshirt

Beauty Full Sleeves Tshirt

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The t-shirts and/or tops you receive are made from 100% Cotton and stand out from others because of noticeable better quality. The prints are meant to last long(some prints are said to remained the same quality even at the end of life for t-shirt itself).

Please follow the below mentioned instructions to retain the quality for a long period.

  • Washing: Gentle Hand Wash or Soft Cycle Machine Wash.
  • Drying: Line Dry in all cases. Avoid Wringing the garment. For Machine Wash, de-tangle the fabric before spin drying.
  • Shade: Always dry in the shade, if possible. (The bright sunlight is not a friend in this case, since all fabric colors degrade in the sun.)
  • Ironing: On a rare you may feel you need to Iron your t-shirt. When you decide to do this, try and not iron the print area. If you must iron the print area, use a low ironing temperature, since it is possible that a extremely high temperature the ink may get worn out quicker.
  • Storage: Hangars are the best, with the neck over the middle & sleeves on the sides. Folding is the second best. Thrown around in a pile of other clothes is not really a good practice (in anyway you look at it), since it causes unnecessary wrinkles which leads to the need of ironing. Did we mention that the tshirt may be stretched, pulled, twisted when in that pile reducing the durability. Organize your life, for god's sake.
  • Wearing: You can wear the tshirt in any way you like. It's your tee afterall, you paid for it. We just hope you have a lot of fun wearing it. :)