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About Us

Dressify is primarily a marketplace for designers & artists to present and sell their art on apparel. Founded in January 2015, we are India's only Online platform which allows artists, or anyone with a little creativity to showcase and sell their art on apparel.


We work very hard to bring your imagination onto apparel. We handle everything from online platform to marketing, service, printing finished shirts to shipping them out to you.


Our Mission:

  1. Fun & Easy to Use.
  2. To induce a WOW factor everytime you engage or see anything Dressify
  3. To delight everyone we serve, from designers to customers.
  4. Open communication with our community of sellers and consumers, making them an active part of our mission.
  5. As an organisation coming and taking from the society we genuinely feel that it is our responsibility to give back to the society.


And hey, we've just started up. :)