"Great tees and great customer service! Highly recommended."
- Abhilash Saxena
"We had a requirement for a bulk order of 500 designer t-shirts for our employees for an annual event. We were looking for someone who could not only provide us with the tshirts, but also, create some designs as per our requirements. The designing process was completed in 3 days, which is commendable since we needed almost a dozen different designs. It took no more than 10 days from the date of finalizing the order, quote etc. for the delivery of all 500 tshirts to happen. And with zero defects and great quality. Kudos to Dressify on the seamless experience."
- Rohit Nath [Hinduja Global]
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- Vidhi Agarwal
"Too good T-shirt fabric is so good. Delivered on time. Satisfied with the quality."
- Dimpy
"Deliveredd to me in 2 days. I was like, whaat. Cool tees really."
- Shweta Jain
"Loved their tee. Awsum stuff. Please please please create more awsum funny designs like these."
- Amita Jain
"Loved the shirt I ordered. Surprisingly in-time delivery and awsum awsum design."
- Neha Joshi

Dressify - Design and Sell t-shirts in India

Custom Shirts - Print your Imagination

Dressify is your platform for creative tshirts and custom clothing. All you need is a little imagination to spread your unique message. Use our custom t-shirt designer to design your own tshirts by using your design, images or text, and spread your message amongst your family or friends. Or simply create a custom shirt for occassions such as birthday or an anniversary. The custom t-shirts make a perfect gift too for a loved one with your creative message on it!


You can also set up a free t-shirt store and start selling with Dressify. Put your creativity to use, and encash it. Follow the latest trends, showcase your art at the same time, and reap the benefits. Simply create and upload, and let us take care of the rest. We take care of everything from custom printing the tshirts to shipping & customer service. Reach out, show the masses your creativity with Dressify!